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DIY Emergency Kits

With the recent surge of hurricanes, it reminds us of the importance of having emergency kits in our homes and in our cars. Putting together an emergency kit is super easy and critical, if ever needed. As much as we hope and pray we don't ever need it, having a kit ready to go will give you some peace of mind.

Start by purchasing a few plastic containers to fill with your supplies. Create a check list to tape on top of the container that includes expiration dates for food and medication to make sure every now and then you check to rotate and replace items.

Include a full set of cloths for each member of your family, 3-4 gallons of water per person, batteries, a first aid kit, hand cranked radio, flashlight, bleach, card games, and non-perishable food enough for up to 3-5 days. Also, consider including some family photos, special mementos and copies of important documents in case you need to evacuate quickly. Parents Magazine has a full list of more items to include.

Make your own candle kit to place in each closest of your home. If you have children, be sure to keep in a place they cannot reach.

Emergency Candle Kit

And lastly, don’t forget about your car. Assemble a small emergency kit to live in your car. Be sure to include your check list, to rotate and replace items. Preparedness Mama has a very useful list of items to include in your car kit.

Emergency Car Kit

Don't get caught off guard. Be safe and be prepared.

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