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4 Easy Bathroom Updates

Bathrooms are important rooms when selling a home. Buyers focus how big it is, is there enough storage, does the bathroom feel inviting, is it clean, and the list goes on and on. Here are a few things I recommend to my clients that are easy and won’t break the bank.

Clean, clean and more clean!

The easiest way for a bathroom to show well, is for it to be clean and tidy. Remember that buyers are lured by the thought of having a bathroom that is clean and inviting. No one wants to imagine themselves having relaxing bubble bath in a filthy bathroom. So bring out the yellow gloves and start scrubbing. It will make a big difference.

Update the vanity mirror

This is one of the easiest and in my opinion the most impactful updates to a bathroom. Replace the mirror with a classic and updated mirror. You can find affordable mirrors at thrift stores or places like TJ Maxx or Home Goods. Sometimes Home Depot has some good prices too! This is a low cost update with a big return.

Fresh coat of paint

We tend to paint our bathrooms to match our own taste, but when selling a house its best to keep the colors neutral to appeal to broad range of people. A fresh coat of paint can go a long way! Stick to beige, soft grey, and cream colors. You can add pops of color with the selection of towels and shower curtains. Consider giving your vanity a makeover with a new color and updated hardware.

Add chair rail, wainscoting or crown molding

This is another great idea that is low cost and looks beautiful, when done right. You can try and do it yourself, but I recommend that you bring in a professional for this project to make it look perfect! It can transform a drab bathroom to an elegant, high end powder room.

Happy Decorating!


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